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Like the real artists, I prefer to paint landscape and still life in their original places and to realize design courses in front of real models, because of that I organize artistic excursions both in Turkey and abroad.

Those of small villages of Izmir; like Fokai, Çeshme, Çiçekliköy, Sığacık.On paint all the day and one turns over at home. Or in France, in Provence, in the very beautiful villages of the world which it is absolutely necessary to see before dying, which forces us to be an artist with all their beauties, the odor, the colors, the light. Because the lavenders diffuses their perfumes until the distance thanks to the mistral. The colors take us along in another universe. Aprendre the obscure color, lumier-, to draw all is possible with this beauty. I realize these summer courses in collaboration with the atelier “ART DE VIVRE” and its artists ; painter Muriel Harlaut and ceramiciste Marie Blanche Sigaud.

It is really difficult to come back to home after this nutritive (satisfactory) voyage. We always dream to return there. Our aime is not only to paint but visit of the museums, the galleries, to nourish ourselves.We profit to see the houses of Cézanne, Renoir, Van Gogh, Picasso and the others. From time to time we go to Brittany or Domburg-Holland to watch the tide, another time we go to Tuscany to Italy to discover the colors of autumn.

To study live models and to attend to the courses of great masters we go to ENSBA, Paris-State Academy of Fine Arts. This year, I will start a new certifate courses that I will perform in the atellier that I rented. We visit the museums during the period of our courses to get inspiration.

We start our trips from Adnan Menderes Airport. If we go to Provence first we take the destination of İzmir-Nice or İzmir-Paris according to the ticket conditions and take train to reach to the southern regions of France. We reach to Buis les Baronnies, which is the village that we stay by the help of a minibus waiting us at the Avignon train satation.

We realize our trips without any problem by direct flights and connected vehicles either in Italy,Holland and France. At the end of the program, we return with sweet fatigue of getting our certificate, carrying of the drawings and painting that we made originally and with great satisfaction of art and history of art.